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GOHL 2004-05 Transactions


  1. June 6th- St. Basile trades Jeff Halpern to Montreal for Pierre-Marc Bouchard and Pavel Brendl.
  2. June 6th- St. Basile trades Mathieu Schneider to Montreal for Daniel Briere and MTL#4 (04).
  3. June 6th- Vegas trades David Aebischer to Quasqueton for QUA#1(04) and QUA#2(05).
  4. June 7th- St. Basile releases Sami Helenius, Josef Melichar, Paul Ranheim and Niclas Wallin.
  5. June 7th- Bangor releases Darren McCarty, Steve Poapst and Sean Brown.
  6. June 7th- Quasqueton releases Claude Lemieux and Denis Pederson.
  7. June 7th- Forest City trades Michael Rupp and Ron Hainsey to St. Basile for Taylor Pyatt.
  8. June 7th- Forest City trades Patrick Stefan, Nik Antropov, FOR#1 (04) and OKA#1 (04) to Brooklyn for Sergei Federov, Petr Sykora, Sandis Ozolinsh and Tomas Holmstrom.
  9. June 7th- Rouyn Noranda releases Sergei Berezin and Marty McInnis.
  10. June 7th- Brooklyn trades Brendan Shanahan to Laval for Cory Sarich and LAV#4 (04).
  11. June 7th- Brooklyn trades Teemu Selanne, Gary Roberts and BRK#5 (05) to Montreal for Pascal Dupuis and MTL#2 (05).
  12. June 10th- Austin trades Bill Guerin and Rob Blake to Vegas for Kenny Jonsson, Martin Gerber, Mike Keane, AUS#1 (04), ORO#2 (04) and SOM#2 (04).
  13. June 11th- Bay Ridge trades Mikka Kiprusoff to Philadelphia for Chris Simon, PEX#1 (04) and PEX#3 (05).
  14. June 11th- Bay Ridge releases Jesse Wallin and Petr Skudra.
  15. June 12th- Manchester Storm purchased and re-located to become Hogtown 67s.
  16. June 14th- St.Basile trades Mike Comrie to Hogtown (former Manchester) for Jeff ONeill.
  17. June 14th- St. Basile trades Mike Peca to Vegas for Teppo Numminen.
  18. June 16th- Philadelphia trades Sheldon Souray to Laval for Raffi Torres, Eric Chouinard and LAV#2 (05).
  19. June 16th- Brooklyn releases Ken Daneyko.
  20. June 17th- Philadelphia releases Ron Tugnutt.
  21. June 18th- Laval trades Georges Laracque to Philadelphia for $200,000.
  22. June 19th- Orono trades Sheldon Keefe, ORO#4 (05) and ORO#5 (04) to Brooklyn for Tim Taylor.
  23. June 22nd- Somers releases Phil Housley, Tony Hrkac, Patrick Kjellberg, Vitali Yachmenev and Dmitri Yuskevich.
  24. June 30th- Reading Snipers re-located to become Pottstown Power.
  25. July 1st  Pottstown (former Reading) releases Milan Hnilicka and Espen Knutsen.
  26. July 2nd  Newmarket releases Jaroslav Bednar.
  27. July 2nd- Prairie State releases Dan Snyder and Todd Reirden.
  28. July 2nd  Winnipeg releases Robert Svehla, Ivan Huml, Dmitri Bykov and Nikita Alexeev.
  29. July 2nd  Arkansas releases Stan Neckar, Karl Dykhuis, Jamie Pushor and Clark Wilm.
  30. July 10th- Valleyfield re-signs free agents Craig Adams, Phillipe Boucher, Rod BrindAmour and Sean Burke.
  31. July 10th- Hamilton re-signs free agents Magnus Arvedson and Zac Bierk.
  32. July 10th- Newmarket re-signs free agents Donald Audette and Martin Brodeur.
  33. July 10th- Vegas re-signs free agent Alex Auld.
  34. July 10th- Philadlephia re-signs free agent Murray Baron.
  35. July 10th- Brooklyn re-signs free agents Lubos Bartecko and Petr Bondra.
  36. July 10th  Winnipeg re-signs free agents Aki Berg and Fred Brathwaite.
  37. July 10th- Quasqueton re-signs free agent Marc Bergervin.
  38. July 10th  Laval re-signs free agent Rick Berry.
  39. July 10th  St. Basile re-signs free agent Todd Bertuzzi.
  40. July 10th  Forest City re-signs free agent Martin Biron.
  41. July 10th- Orono re-signs free agent Eric Brewer.
  42. July 10th- Bangor re-signs free agent Curtis Brown.
  43. July 10th- Prairie State re-signs free agents Valeri Bure and Eric Cairns.
  44. July 17th- Vegas re-signs free agent Anson Carter.
  45. July 17th- Austin re-signs free agents Brad Chartrand, Marc Chouinard, Alex Daigle and Hnat Domenichelli.
  46. July 17th- Hamilton re-signs free agents Jonathan Cheechoo, Byron Dafoe and Nikos Dimitrakos.
  47. July 17th- Quasqueton re-signs free agent Chris Chelios.
  48. July 17th- Philadelphia re-signs free agents Eric Chouinard and Sean Donavan.
  49. July 17th- Orono re-signs free agent Artem Chubarov.
  50. July 17th  Hogtown re-signs free agent Mike Comrie.
  51. July 17th- Somers re-signs free agents Craig Conroy and Eric Desjardins.
  52. July 17th- Prairie State re-signs free agent Pavol Demitra.
  53. July 17th- Bangor re-signs free agents Tie Domi and Radek Dvorak.
  54. July 17th- Brooklyn re-signs free agent Mike Eastwood.
  55. July 17th- Forest City re-signs free agent John Erskine.
  56. July 17th- Bay Ridge re-signs free agent Mark Eaton.
  57. July 17th- Okanagan signs free agent Kris Draper, no compensation required.
  58. July 17th- Philadelphia signs free agent Boyd Devereaux.
  59. July 17th- Philadelphia sends PEX#4 (04) and $182,000 to Hogstown as compensation for the signing of Devereaux.
  60. July 23rd  Pottstown re-signs free agents Robert Esche and Rico Fata.
  61. July23rd   Valleyfield re-signs free agent Jim Fahey.
  62. July 23rd-  Forest City re-signs free agents Sergei Federov and John Grahame.
  63. July 23rd- Somers re-signs free agent Peter Forsberg.
  64. July 23rd- Brooklyn re-signs free agents Jean Fortin, Jan Hrdina and Michael Handzus.
  65. July 23rd- St. Basile re-signs free agent Martin Gelinas.
  66. July 23rd-  Austin re-signs free agents Martin Gerber and Paul Healy.
  67. July 23rd- Orono re-signs free agent Micheal Grosek.
  68. July 23rd- Vegas re-signs free agent Bill Guerin.
  69. July 23rd-  Hillsborough re-signs free agent Jochen Hecht.
  70. July 23rd- Montreal re-signs free agent Darby Hendrickson.
  71. July 23rd- Rouyn Noranda re-signs free agent Bret Hull.
  72. July 23rd- Philadelphia signs free agent Cale Hulse.
  73. July 23rd- Philadelphia sends Aaron Ward, PEX#3 (04) and $240,000 to Montreal as compensation for the signing of Hulse.
  74. July 23rd- Montreal signs free agent Chris Gratton.
  75. July 23rd  Montreal sends $300,000, VBA#2 (04), MTL#3 (04) and Peter Worrell to Prairie State as compensation for the signing of Gratton.
  76. July 29th  Forest City trades Viktor Kozlov, Rob Niedermayer, John Erskine, STB#1 (04), SOM#1 (04), FOR#4 (04) and FOR#5 (04) to Hogtown for Chris Osgood, Trevor Letowski, Jason Doig, Henrik Tallinder and HOG#1 (04).
  77. July 30th- Austin re-signs free agents Arturs Irbe, Mike Keane, Trevor Kidd and Trevor Linden.
  78. July 30th- Laval re-signs free agent Brad Isbister.
  79. July 30th- Orono re-signs free agents Brent Johnson and Nicolai Khabibulin.
  80. July 30th- Vegas re-signs free agent Mike Johnson.
  81. July 30th- Brooklyn re-signs free agent Sheldon Keefe.
  82. July 30th- Hillsborough re-signs free agent Kris Kolanos.
  83. July 30th- Pottstown re-signs free agent Oleg Kvasha.
  84. July 30th- Okanagan re-signs free agent Claude Lapointe.
  85. July 30th- Quasqueton re-signs free agent John LeClair.
  86. July 30th- Montreal re-signs free agent Curtis Leschyshyn.
  87. July 30th- Valleyfield signs free agent Patrick Lalime.
  88. July 30th- Valleyfield sends JS Aubin,, ORO#1 (04), VAL#3 (05) and $496,000 to Winnipeg as compensation for the signing of Lalime.
  89. July 30th- Somers signs free agent Viktor Kozlov.
  90. July 30th- Somers sends Jason Williams, SOM#1 (05), SOM#3 (05) and $512,000 to Hogtown as compensation for the signing of Kozlov.
  91. August 7th- Valleyfield re-signs free agents Lynn Loyns, Andrei Nazarov and Marek Malik.
  92. August 7th- Austin re-signs free agent Todd Marchant.
  93. August 7th- Brooklyn re-signs free agents Bryan Marchment and Rem Murray.
  94. August 7th- Montreal re-signs free agent Danny Markov.
  95. August 7th- Newmarket re-signs free agent Grant Marshall.
  96. August 7th- Hillsborough re-signs free agents Radek Martinek and Marty Murray.
  97. August 7th- Bangor re-signs free agent Dean McAmmond.
  98. August 7th- Bay Ridge re-signs free agent Craig McDonald.
  99. August 7th- Somers re-signs free agents Scott Mellanby and Kip Miller.
  100. August 7th- Hamilton re-signs free agent Mark Messier.
  101. August 7th- Pottstown re-signs free agents Frederick Modin and Mike Mottau.
  102. August 7th- Okanagan re-signs free agent Alex Mogilny.
  103. August 7th- Arkansas re-signs free agent Brendan Morrow.
  104. August 7th- Hamilton signs free agent Jussi Markannen.
  105. August 7th- Hamilton sends Brad Brown, HAM#3 (05) and $259,000 to Pottstown as compensation for the signing of Markannen.
  106. August 7th- Hogstown signs free agent Boris Mironov.
  107. August 7th- Hogstown sends Adam Mair, HOG#2 (05), RCT#3 (04) and $340,000 to Hillsborough as compensation for the signing of Mironov.
  108. August 7th- Hogstown signs free agent Aaron Miller.
  109. August 7th- Hogstown sends STB#3 (04), HOG#3 (05), and $308,000 to Newmarket as compensation for the signing of Aaron Miller.
  110. August 14th- Bay Ridge re-signs free agent Scott Nichol.
  111. August 14th- Arkansas re-signs free agent Marcus Nilson.
  112. August 14th- Bangor re-signs free agents Micheal Nylander and Martin Prusek.
  113. August 14th- Somers re-signs free agents Sean ODonnell and Richard Park.
  114. August 14th- Forest City re-signs free agent Sandis Ozolinsh.
  115. August 14th- Montreal re-signs free agents Justin Papineau and Yannic Perrault.
  116. August 14th- Quasqueton re-signs free agents Stephen Peat and Lasse Pirjeta.
  117. August 14th- Pottstown re-signs free agent Ronald Petrovicky.
  118. August 14th- Orono re-signs free agent Alex Ponikarovsky.
  119. August 14th- Valleyfield re-signs free agent Brian Pothier.
  120. August 14th- Newmarket re-signs free agents Wayne Primeau and Andrew Raycroft.
  121. August 14th- Rouyn re-signs free agent Deron Quint.
  122. August 14th- Hogstown re-signs free agent Branko Radivojevic.
  123. August 14th- Prairie State re-signs free agent Robert Reichel.
  124. August 21st- Austin re-signs free agent Jamie Rivers.
  125. August 21st- Newmarket re-signs free agent Cliff Ronning.
  126. August 21st- Valleyfield re-signs free agents Martin Rucinsky and Garth Snow.
  127. August 21st- St. Basile re-signs free agent Tommy Salo.
  128. August 21st- Orono re-signs free agents Peter Schastlivy and Brian Rolston.
  129. August 21st- Winnipeg re-signs free agent Steve Shields.
  130. August 21st- Prairie State re-signs free agent Jiri Slegr.
  131. August 21st- Rouyn re-signs free agent Jaroslav Spacek.
  132. August 21st- Valleyfield signs free agent Jarko Rutuu, no compensation required.
  133. August 21st- Montreal signs free agent Mike Sillinger.
  134. August 21st- Montreal sends Aaron Ward, MTL#3 (05) and $180,000 to Winnipeg as compensation for the signing of Sillinger.
  135. August 21st- Bangor re-signs free agents Brian Savage and Radoslav Suchy.
  136. August 21st- Montreal re-signs free agents Gary Roberts and Mathieu Schneider.
  137. August 21st- Arkansas re-signs free agent Luc Robitaille.
  138. August 21st- Austin signs free agent Marc Savard.
  139. August 21st- Austin sends Brad Chartrand, AUS#1 (04), SOM#2 (04), ORO#2 (04) and $500,000 to Laval as compensation for the signing of Savard.
  140. August 22nd- Brooklyn trades Joe Sakic to Laval for LAV#1 (04), LAV#2 (04), ORO#2 (04), Brad Chartrand and $500,000.
  141. August 22nd- Hogstown trades HOG#2 (04) to Forest City for STB#2 (04) and WIN#2 (04).
  142. August 24th- St. Basile trades Todd Bertuzzi to Laval for Erik Cole and Alex Semenov.
  143. August 28th- Rouyn re-signs free agents Chris Tamer and Shaun Van Allen.
  144. August 28th- St. Basile re-signs free agents David Tanabe and Chris Therien.
  145. August 28th- Arkansas re-signs free agent Jose Theodore.
  146. August 28th- Okanagan re-signs free agent Darcy Tucker.
  147. August 28th- Forest City re-signs free agent Josef Vasicek.
  148. August 28th- Montreal re-signs free agent Tomas Vokoun.
  149. August 28th- Valleyfield re-signs free agents Doug Weight and Scott Young.
  150. August 28th- Quasqueton re-signs free agent Brian Willsie.
  151. August 28th- Bay Ridge re-signs free agents Tyler Wright, Stephane Yelle and Rop Zaumner.
  152. August 28th- Orono re-signs free agent Alexi Yashin.
  153. August 28th- Austin re-signs free agent Jason York.
  154. August 28th- Laval re-signs free agents Kevin Weekes and Mike Zigomanis.
  155. August 28th- Hamilton re-signs free agents Veska Toskala, Oleg Tverdovsky and Sergei Zubov.
  156. August 28th- Hillsborough re-signs free agent Richard Zednik.
  157. August 28th- Bangor re-signs free agent Andrei Zyuzin.
  158. August 28th- Winnipeg signs free agent Marty Turco.
  159. August 28th- Winnipeg sends WIN#1 (04), ORO#1 (04), WIN#3 (05), $448,000 and Marty Reasoner to St. Basile as compensation for the signing of Turco.
  160. August 28th- Laval trades Kevin Weekes to St. Basile for Sean Hill and $500,000.
  161. September 1st- Vegas trades Martin Skoula, Alex Auld, MTL#1 (04), VBA#1 (05) to St. Basile for Markus Naslund, Chris Therien and $500,000.
  162. September 2nd- Brooklyn trades POT#1 (04), RCT#1 (04) and FOR#1 (04) to Forest City for HOG#1 (04), BAN#1 (04) and PEX#2 (04).
  163. September 4th- Forest City trades Chris Osgood to Okanagan for OKA#3 (05).
  164. September 5th- Bay Ridge releases Jesse Wallin, Craig Johnson, Craig MacDonald and Tyler Wright.
  165. September 6th- Newmarket trades Andrew Raycroft to Hogtown for Ruslan Fedotenko, SOM#1 (04), STB#2 (04) and $750,000.
  166. September 7th- Brooklyn trades Mike Rathje, Rem Murray and $1,000,000 to Vegas for Jeff Friesen and HAM#1 (04).
  167. September 7th- Brooklyn trades Bryan Marchment to Okanagan for OKA#4 (04).
  168. September 7th- Okanagan releases James Patrick.
  169. September 8th- Somers trades Bryan McCabe to Laval for Mattias Ohlund.
  170. September 9th- Brooklyn trades Brad Chartrand to Austin for AUS#3 (04) and $250,000.
  171. September 9th- Brooklyn trades Evgeni Nabokov to Montreal for Lubomir Visnovsky, Justin Papineau, MTL#1 (05), PEX#3 (04) and $250,000.