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GOHL 2004-05 Transactions


  1. June 6th- St. Basile trades Jeff Halpern to Montreal for Pierre-Marc Bouchard and Pavel Brendl.
  2. June 6th- St. Basile trades Mathieu Schneider to Montreal for Daniel Briere and MTL#4 (’04).
  3. June 6th- Vegas trades David Aebischer to Quasqueton for QUA#1(’04) and QUA#2(’05).
  4. June 7th- St. Basile releases Sami Helenius, Josef Melichar, Paul Ranheim and Niclas Wallin.
  5. June 7th- Bangor releases Darren McCarty, Steve Poapst and Sean Brown.
  6. June 7th- Quasqueton releases Claude Lemieux and Denis Pederson.
  7. June 7th- Forest City trades Michael Rupp and Ron Hainsey to St. Basile for Taylor Pyatt.
  8. June 7th- Forest City trades Patrick Stefan, Nik Antropov, FOR#1 (’04) and OKA#1 (’04) to Brooklyn for Sergei Federov, Petr Sykora, Sandis Ozolinsh and Tomas Holmstrom.
  9. June 7th- Rouyn Noranda releases Sergei Berezin and Marty McInnis.
  10. June 7th- Brooklyn trades Brendan Shanahan to Laval for Cory Sarich and LAV#4 (’04).
  11. June 7th- Brooklyn trades Teemu Selanne, Gary Roberts and BRK#5 (’05) to Montreal for Pascal Dupuis and MTL#2 (’05).
  12. June 10th- Austin trades Bill Guerin and Rob Blake to Vegas for Kenny Jonsson, Martin Gerber, Mike Keane, AUS#1 (’04), ORO#2 (’04) and SOM#2 (’04).
  13. June 11th- Bay Ridge trades Mikka Kiprusoff to Philadelphia for Chris Simon, PEX#1 (’04) and PEX#3 (’05).
  14. June 11th- Bay Ridge releases Jesse Wallin and Petr Skudra.
  15. June 12th- Manchester Storm purchased and re-located to become Hogtown 67’s.
  16. June 14th- St.Basile trades Mike Comrie to Hogtown (former Manchester) for Jeff O’Neill.
  17. June 14th- St. Basile trades Mike Peca to Vegas for Teppo Numminen.
  18. June 16th- Philadelphia trades Sheldon Souray to Laval for Raffi Torres, Eric Chouinard and LAV#2 (’05).
  19. June 16th- Brooklyn releases Ken Daneyko.
  20. June 17th- Philadelphia releases Ron Tugnutt.
  21. June 18th- Laval trades Georges Laracque to Philadelphia for $200,000.
  22. June 19th- Orono trades Sheldon Keefe, ORO#4 (’05) and ORO#5 (’04) to Brooklyn for Tim Taylor.
  23. June 22nd- Somers releases Phil Housley, Tony Hrkac, Patrick Kjellberg, Vitali Yachmenev and Dmitri Yuskevich.
  24. June 30th- Reading Snipers re-located to become Pottstown Power.
  25. July 1st – Pottstown (former Reading) releases Milan Hnilicka and Espen Knutsen.
  26. July 2nd – Newmarket releases Jaroslav Bednar.
  27. July 2nd- Prairie State releases Dan Snyder and Todd Reirden.
  28. July 2nd – Winnipeg releases Robert Svehla, Ivan Huml, Dmitri Bykov and Nikita Alexeev.
  29. July 2nd – Arkansas releases Stan Neckar, Karl Dykhuis, Jamie Pushor and Clark Wilm.
  30. July 10th- Valleyfield re-signs free agents Craig Adams, Phillipe Boucher, Rod Brind’Amour and Sean Burke.
  31. July 10th- Hamilton re-signs free agents Magnus Arvedson and Zac Bierk.
  32. July 10th- Newmarket re-signs free agents Donald Audette and Martin Brodeur.
  33. July 10th- Vegas re-signs free agent Alex Auld.
  34. July 10th- Philadlephia re-signs free agent Murray Baron.
  35. July 10th- Brooklyn re-signs free agents Lubos Bartecko and Petr Bondra.
  36. July 10th – Winnipeg re-signs free agents Aki Berg and Fred Brathwaite.
  37. July 10th- Quasqueton re-signs free agent Marc Bergervin.
  38. July 10th – Laval re-signs free agent Rick Berry.
  39. July 10th – St. Basile re-signs free agent Todd Bertuzzi.
  40. July 10th – Forest City re-signs free agent Martin Biron.
  41. July 10th- Orono re-signs free agent Eric Brewer.
  42. July 10th- Bangor re-signs free agent Curtis Brown.
  43. July 10th- Prairie State re-signs free agents Valeri Bure and Eric Cairns.
  44. July 17th- Vegas re-signs free agent Anson Carter.
  45. July 17th- Austin re-signs free agents Brad Chartrand, Marc Chouinard, Alex Daigle and Hnat Domenichelli.
  46. July 17th- Hamilton re-signs free agents Jonathan Cheechoo, Byron Dafoe and Nikos Dimitrakos.
  47. July 17th- Quasqueton re-signs free agent Chris Chelios.
  48. July 17th- Philadelphia re-signs free agents Eric Chouinard and Sean Donavan.
  49. July 17th- Orono re-signs free agent Artem Chubarov.
  50. July 17th – Hogtown re-signs free agent Mike Comrie.
  51. July 17th- Somers re-signs free agents Craig Conroy and Eric Desjardins.
  52. July 17th- Prairie State re-signs free agent Pavol Demitra.
  53. July 17th- Bangor re-signs free agents Tie Domi and Radek Dvorak.
  54. July 17th- Brooklyn re-signs free agent Mike Eastwood.
  55. July 17th- Forest City re-signs free agent John Erskine.
  56. July 17th- Bay Ridge re-signs free agent Mark Eaton.
  57. July 17th- Okanagan signs free agent Kris Draper, no compensation required.
  58. July 17th- Philadelphia signs free agent Boyd Devereaux.
  59. July 17th- Philadelphia sends PEX#4 (’04) and $182,000 to Hogstown as compensation for the signing of Devereaux.
  60. July 23rd – Pottstown re-signs free agents Robert Esche and Rico Fata.
  61. July23rd  – Valleyfield re-signs free agent Jim Fahey.
  62. July 23rd-  Forest City re-signs free agents Sergei Federov and John Grahame.
  63. July 23rd- Somers re-signs free agent Peter Forsberg.
  64. July 23rd- Brooklyn re-signs free agents Jean Fortin, Jan Hrdina and Michael Handzus.
  65. July 23rd- St. Basile re-signs free agent Martin Gelinas.
  66. July 23rd-  Austin re-signs free agents Martin Gerber and Paul Healy.
  67. July 23rd- Orono re-signs free agent Micheal Grosek.
  68. July 23rd- Vegas re-signs free agent Bill Guerin.
  69. July 23rd-  Hillsborough re-signs free agent Jochen Hecht.
  70. July 23rd- Montreal re-signs free agent Darby Hendrickson.
  71. July 23rd- Rouyn Noranda re-signs free agent Bret Hull.
  72. July 23rd- Philadelphia signs free agent Cale Hulse.
  73. July 23rd- Philadelphia sends Aaron Ward, PEX#3 (’04) and $240,000 to Montreal as compensation for the signing of Hulse.
  74. July 23rd- Montreal signs free agent Chris Gratton.
  75. July 23rd – Montreal sends $300,000, VBA#2 (“04), MTL#3 (’04) and Peter Worrell to Prairie State as compensation for the signing of Gratton.
  76. July 29th – Forest City trades Viktor Kozlov, Rob Niedermayer, John Erskine, STB#1 (’04), SOM#1 (’04), FOR#4 (’04) and FOR#5 (’04) to Hogtown for Chris Osgood, Trevor Letowski, Jason Doig, Henrik Tallinder and HOG#1 (’04).
  77. July 30th- Austin re-signs free agents Arturs Irbe, Mike Keane, Trevor Kidd and Trevor Linden.
  78. July 30th- Laval re-signs free agent Brad Isbister.
  79. July 30th- Orono re-signs free agents Brent Johnson and Nicolai Khabibulin.
  80. July 30th- Vegas re-signs free agent Mike Johnson.
  81. July 30th- Brooklyn re-signs free agent Sheldon Keefe.
  82. July 30th- Hillsborough re-signs free agent Kris Kolanos.
  83. July 30th- Pottstown re-signs free agent Oleg Kvasha.
  84. July 30th- Okanagan re-signs free agent Claude Lapointe.
  85. July 30th- Quasqueton re-signs free agent John LeClair.
  86. July 30th- Montreal re-signs free agent Curtis Leschyshyn.
  87. July 30th- Valleyfield signs free agent Patrick Lalime.
  88. July 30th- Valleyfield sends JS Aubin,, ORO#1 (’04), VAL#3 (’05) and $496,000 to Winnipeg as compensation for the signing of Lalime.
  89. July 30th- Somers signs free agent Viktor Kozlov.
  90. July 30th- Somers sends Jason Williams, SOM#1 (’05), SOM#3 (’05) and $512,000 to Hogtown as compensation for the signing of Kozlov.
  91. August 7th- Valleyfield re-signs free agents Lynn Loyns, Andrei Nazarov and Marek Malik.
  92. August 7th- Austin re-signs free agent Todd Marchant.
  93. August 7th- Brooklyn re-signs free agents Bryan Marchment and Rem Murray.
  94. August 7th- Montreal re-signs free agent Danny Markov.
  95. August 7th- Newmarket re-signs free agent Grant Marshall.
  96. August 7th- Hillsborough re-signs free agents Radek Martinek and Marty Murray.
  97. August 7th- Bangor re-signs free agent Dean McAmmond.
  98. August 7th- Bay Ridge re-signs free agent Craig McDonald.
  99. August 7th- Somers re-signs free agents Scott Mellanby and Kip Miller.
  100. August 7th- Hamilton re-signs free agent Mark Messier.
  101. August 7th- Pottstown re-signs free agents Frederick Modin and Mike Mottau.
  102. August 7th- Okanagan re-signs free agent Alex Mogilny.
  103. August 7th- Arkansas re-signs free agent Brendan Morrow.
  104. August 7th- Hamilton signs free agent Jussi Markannen.
  105. August 7th- Hamilton sends Brad Brown, HAM#3 (’05) and $259,000 to Pottstown as compensation for the signing of Markannen.
  106. August 7th- Hogstown signs free agent Boris Mironov.
  107. August 7th- Hogstown sends Adam Mair, HOG#2 (’05), RCT#3 (’04) and $340,000 to Hillsborough as compensation for the signing of Mironov.
  108. August 7th- Hogstown signs free agent Aaron Miller.
  109. August 7th- Hogstown sends STB#3 (’04), HOG#3 (’05), and $308,000 to Newmarket as compensation for the signing of Aaron Miller.
  110. August 14th- Bay Ridge re-signs free agent Scott Nichol.
  111. August 14th- Arkansas re-signs free agent Marcus Nilson.
  112. August 14th- Bangor re-signs free agents Micheal Nylander and Martin Prusek.
  113. August 14th- Somers re-signs free agents Sean O’Donnell and Richard Park.
  114. August 14th- Forest City re-signs free agent Sandis Ozolinsh.
  115. August 14th- Montreal re-signs free agents Justin Papineau and Yannic Perrault.
  116. August 14th- Quasqueton re-signs free agents Stephen Peat and Lasse Pirjeta.
  117. August 14th- Pottstown re-signs free agent Ronald Petrovicky.
  118. August 14th- Orono re-signs free agent Alex Ponikarovsky.
  119. August 14th- Valleyfield re-signs free agent Brian Pothier.
  120. August 14th- Newmarket re-signs free agents Wayne Primeau and Andrew Raycroft.
  121. August 14th- Rouyn re-signs free agent Deron Quint.
  122. August 14th- Hogstown re-signs free agent Branko Radivojevic.
  123. August 14th- Prairie State re-signs free agent Robert Reichel.
  124. August 21st- Austin re-signs free agent Jamie Rivers.
  125. August 21st- Newmarket re-signs free agent Cliff Ronning.
  126. August 21st- Valleyfield re-signs free agents Martin Rucinsky and Garth Snow.
  127. August 21st- St. Basile re-signs free agent Tommy Salo.
  128. August 21st- Orono re-signs free agents Peter Schastlivy and Brian Rolston.
  129. August 21st- Winnipeg re-signs free agent Steve Shields.
  130. August 21st- Prairie State re-signs free agent Jiri Slegr.
  131. August 21st- Rouyn re-signs free agent Jaroslav Spacek.
  132. August 21st- Valleyfield signs free agent Jarko Rutuu, no compensation required.
  133. August 21st- Montreal signs free agent Mike Sillinger.
  134. August 21st- Montreal sends Aaron Ward, MTL#3 (’05) and $180,000 to Winnipeg as compensation for the signing of Sillinger.
  135. August 21st- Bangor re-signs free agents Brian Savage and Radoslav Suchy.
  136. August 21st- Montreal re-signs free agents Gary Roberts and Mathieu Schneider.
  137. August 21st- Arkansas re-signs free agent Luc Robitaille.
  138. August 21st- Austin signs free agent Marc Savard.
  139. August 21st- Austin sends Brad Chartrand, AUS#1 (’04), SOM#2 (’04), ORO#2 (’04) and $500,000 to Laval as compensation for the signing of Savard.
  140. August 22nd- Brooklyn trades Joe Sakic to Laval for LAV#1 (’04), LAV#2 (’04), ORO#2 (’04), Brad Chartrand and $500,000.
  141. August 22nd- Hogstown trades HOG#2 (’04) to Forest City for STB#2 (’04) and WIN#2 (’04).
  142. August 24th- St. Basile trades Todd Bertuzzi to Laval for Erik Cole and Alex Semenov.
  143. August 28th- Rouyn re-signs free agents Chris Tamer and Shaun Van Allen.
  144. August 28th- St. Basile re-signs free agents David Tanabe and Chris Therien.
  145. August 28th- Arkansas re-signs free agent Jose Theodore.
  146. August 28th- Okanagan re-signs free agent Darcy Tucker.
  147. August 28th- Forest City re-signs free agent Josef Vasicek.
  148. August 28th- Montreal re-signs free agent Tomas Vokoun.
  149. August 28th- Valleyfield re-signs free agents Doug Weight and Scott Young.
  150. August 28th- Quasqueton re-signs free agent Brian Willsie.
  151. August 28th- Bay Ridge re-signs free agents Tyler Wright, Stephane Yelle and Rop Zaumner.
  152. August 28th- Orono re-signs free agent Alexi Yashin.
  153. August 28th- Austin re-signs free agent Jason York.
  154. August 28th- Laval re-signs free agents Kevin Weekes and Mike Zigomanis.
  155. August 28th- Hamilton re-signs free agents Veska Toskala, Oleg Tverdovsky and Sergei Zubov.
  156. August 28th- Hillsborough re-signs free agent Richard Zednik.
  157. August 28th- Bangor re-signs free agent Andrei Zyuzin.
  158. August 28th- Winnipeg signs free agent Marty Turco.
  159. August 28th- Winnipeg sends WIN#1 (’04), ORO#1 (’04), WIN#3 (’05), $448,000 and Marty Reasoner to St. Basile as compensation for the signing of Turco.
  160. August 28th- Laval trades Kevin Weekes to St. Basile for Sean Hill and $500,000.
  161. September 1st- Vegas trades Martin Skoula, Alex Auld, MTL#1 (’04), VBA#1 (’05) to St. Basile for Markus Naslund, Chris Therien and $500,000.
  162. September 2nd- Brooklyn trades POT#1 (’04), RCT#1 (’04) and FOR#1 (’04) to Forest City for HOG#1 (’04), BAN#1 (’04) and PEX#2 (’04).
  163. September 4th- Forest City trades Chris Osgood to Okanagan for OKA#3 (’05).
  164. September 5th- Bay Ridge releases Jesse Wallin, Craig Johnson, Craig MacDonald and Tyler Wright.
  165. September 6th- Newmarket trades Andrew Raycroft to Hogtown for Ruslan Fedotenko, SOM#1 (’04), STB#2 (’04) and $750,000.
  166. September 7th- Brooklyn trades Mike Rathje, Rem Murray and $1,000,000 to Vegas for Jeff Friesen and HAM#1 (’04).
  167. September 7th- Brooklyn trades Bryan Marchment to Okanagan for OKA#4 (’04).
  168. September 7th- Okanagan releases James Patrick.
  169. September 8th- Somers trades Bryan McCabe to Laval for Mattias Ohlund.
  170. September 9th- Brooklyn trades Brad Chartrand to Austin for AUS#3 (’04) and $250,000.
  171. September 9th- Brooklyn trades Evgeni Nabokov to Montreal for Lubomir Visnovsky, Justin Papineau, MTL#1 (’05), PEX#3 (’04) and $250,000.
  172. September 12th- Vegas releases Luke Richardson.
  173. September 13th- Bangor trades Cristobal Huet to Hillsborough for Radek Martinek.
  174. September 13th- Brooklyn trades Scott Lachance to Pottstown for POT#3 (’05).
  175. September 15th- Forest City releases Jason Doig.
  176. September 16th- Forest City trades Trevor Letowski to Hogtown for Jason Williams and $350,000.
  177. September 16th- Forest City releases Jason Williams.
  178. September 16th- Hamilton trades POT#2 (’04) and HAM#2 (’05) to St. Basile for Don Sweeney, VAL#2 (’04) and STB#3 (’05).
  179. September 16th- Forest City trades Kyle McLaren, OKA#3 (’05) and FOR#6 (’04) to Pottstown for POT#1 (’05) and HAM#2 (’04).
  180. September 17th- Bay Ridge trades Keith Carney and RCT#2 (’04) to Arkansas for Scott Walker.
  181. September 18th- Brooklyn trades AUS#3 (’04) and BRK#4 (’04) to Quasqueton for QUA#3 (’05) and QUA#4 (’05).
  182. September 19th- Brooklyn releases Jyrki Lumme and Jean Fortin.
  183. September 20th- Hamilton releases Adam Graves, Mike Richter and Janne Laukannen.
  184. September 21st- Hamilton trades HAM#3 (’04) to Okanagan for OKA#3 (’04), OKA#5 (’04) and OKA#6 (’04).
  185. September 22nd- Okanagan releases Ales Pisa.
  186. September 23rd- Valleyfield trades Garth Snow to Brooklyn for BRK#5 (’04).
  187. September 24th- Brooklyn trades Jeff Friesen and Mike Eastwood to Newmarket for NEW#2 (’05) and NEW#4 (’05).
  188. September 24th- Newmarket releases Ray Ferraro.
  189. September 29th- Hogtown releases Mike Dunham and Justin Mapletoft.
  190. September 30th- St. Basile trades STB#4 (’04) to Orono for $100,000.
  191. September 30th- Newmarket releases Ulf Dahlen.
  192. October 14th- Brooklyn releases Lubos Bartecko and Theo Fleury.
  193. October 15th- Bay Ridge trades BAY#6 (’04) to Okanagan for Radovan Somik.